BBC Radio looks at Walt Disney

BBC Radio is presenting a short panel discussion about the life and work of Walt Disney that is available for a limited time by clicking here

Walt Disney

As part of the series “Great Lives,” the half hour features artist Gerald Scarfe, who actually worked for the Disney company as the production designer of Hercules; Who Framed Roger Rabbit animation director Richard Williams and major entertainment historian Brian Sibley (whose also wrote the current BBC Radio 2 documentary series, The Musical, which is hosted this week by Whoopi Goldberg).

The program approaches its subject with a wry, detached style, with some controversies addressed, but overall the impact of Walt Disney on the world is met with awe and respect.

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Worker dies in mishap at Disneyland Paris

Police say a cleaning man at Disneyland Paris amusement park has died after a ride he was working was accidentally turned on.

The 53-year-old employee of a park subcontractor was severely injured while working on the “It’s A Small World” attraction and taken by helicopter to a hospital where he died.

Police say a preliminary investigation indicates the worker got trapped beneath a boat on the ride when it was inadvertently turned on before dawn Wednesday.

A Disneyland Paris spokesman said the ride has been closed until further notice as the police investigation continues.

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October Pin Releases

October 2nd saw the first of two pin events for October,  a Pin Trading Day, held at the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland (Disneyland Park) from 10:00am. These events are on a much smaller scale than the Pin Trading Night’s which will be taking place on Friday 29th October 2010 at Disney’s Newport Bay Club from 18:00.

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New Theme for 2011?

Released online last week, either officially or unofficially, are two new pictures showing what could be next years theme…Magical Moments Festival

To be honest I’m not that thrilled by this, to me a theme should be celebrating an event such as the 15th anniversary or, for example, Mickey’s birthday. It appears though that DLP feel differently and that each year needs to have a brand new theme.

So what have Disney got planned for us during this Magical Moments Festival? Well nothing official yet, rumoured to be appearing for this ‘special’ theme are;

* The new princess meet and greet which is currently being installed in the old post show are of It’s a Small World will probably form part of this Festival.

* The character express will again be rethemed…I’m not a great fan of this however my boys both love it.

* A new show will come to the central hub, possibly featuring Sorceror Mickey (as given away slightly in the above picture) however it is rumoured that this show will be a once a day only show. Personally I can see some merit to this rumour, I’d imagine that during off-peak season’s the show will only run once a day, however during the peak school holidays, weekends and the summer this show will need to be on more than once.

* Mickey Mouse’s house could be coming to the Fantasyland Festival Stage, this will be housed inside the actual stage building. This rumour, if true, adds extra weight to the Ratatouille Dark Ride rumor for the 20th Anniversary in 2012, as the other main rumour was a Fantasyland expeansion which would have included the demolition of the Stage. This is rumored to be the same version as in Hong Kong Disneyland…I’ve been unable to locate any pictures but for those who are interested here is a link to a YouTube Video It looks from this video that it would actually be a good fit for the Stage area…and it would be a new attraction coming to Disneyland Paris that has no link to Pixar!!!

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