BBC Radio looks at Walt Disney

BBC Radio is presenting a short panel discussion about the life and work of Walt Disney that is available for a limited time by clicking here

Walt Disney

As part of the series “Great Lives,” the half hour features artist Gerald Scarfe, who actually worked for the Disney company as the production designer of Hercules; Who Framed Roger Rabbit animation director Richard Williams and major entertainment historian Brian Sibley (whose also wrote the current BBC Radio 2 documentary series, The Musical, which is hosted this week by Whoopi Goldberg).

The program approaches its subject with a wry, detached style, with some controversies addressed, but overall the impact of Walt Disney on the world is met with awe and respect.

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One Response to BBC Radio looks at Walt Disney

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this – I have sent the link home to have a listen later. Also reminds me I have the Neal Gabler biography of Walt to read, after having read the official version, written by Bob Thomas, a few years ago.

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